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Say a big 'No' To fossil fuels and start using Briquettes for power generation...

Go Green With Narayana Bio-Energetic Products

Earlier when earth used to witness sudden increase in its surface temperature (land & water), it was due to natural causes but now because of large accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are result of human activities, earth is experiencing unexpected increase in temperature that is harming environment. One of the most crucial reasons that is increasing surface temperature of earth is burning of fossil fuels. The noxious smoke that comes out due to burning of fossil fuel like coal is ruining quality of air, hence creating pollution. To stop all this and create clean and greener environment, our nature loving company offers Biomass Briquettes which are perfect replacement of coal and undoubtedly most correct organic material that can be used in place of solid fuel like coal to generate energy.

With the motto 'Save mother earth and create greener environment', our company is working immensely hard in making people realize benefits of using our offered range saw dust briquettes, white coal briquettes, Coconut shell charcoal briquettes, etc. By offering briquettes for generating power, we, as a reliable Wholesaler/Distributor are not solely helping in protecting earth from adverse effects of global warming but also assisting increasing life expectancy of living beings on earth by making world go greener with naturally formed briquettes.

Save The Environment By Using Briquettes

Electricity is essential need of modern man. Long gone that time when without electricity people used to live contented life. Nowadays, within short hours of power cut, people start making calls to the their electric power suppliers. Their level of patience of surviving without electricity for even a hour is going complete zero. With such scenario, it is agreed that life without electricity is impossible but definitely not on cost of ruining our very own mother earth. To generate electricity, fossil fuels are burned that emits gasses harmful to earth. For saving our environment, it is very essential to switch on towards biomass products, like briquettes which are formed from plants and natural waste of animals. They are easy to renew and create energy source. Few solid conventional fuels briquettes are:

  • Bio Fuel Briquettes
  • Biomass Briquettes
  • Charcoal Briquettes
  • Charcoal Powder
  • Saw Dust Briquettes
  • White Coal Briquettes
  • Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Advantages Of Products

Listed below are few advantages briquettes hold over other solid fuels:

  • Briquettes are relatively lower in price than coal
  • Lignite, oil and coal are few things which cannot be replaced once used in production
  • Biomass briquettes contain high thermal value
  • Unlike other solid fuels, briquettes do not contain sulfur content which pollutes environment
  • Combustion of briquettes is more uniform than other fossil fuels like coal
  • Briquettes are generally produced where they are utilized at consumption centers which eliminates transporting process
  • These are hygienic, easy to store and handle
  • Due to moisture and high density, briquettes render high boiler efficiency

Biomass Briquettes are Finest Than Other Conventional Black Coal

Briquettes are Eco-friendly and the best non-conventional source of energy. Have a look at below listed facts which will let you know how briquettes are beneficial than black coal:

Sl. No.



Wood/Loose Biomass / Rice Husk



Calorific Value

3800 - 4000

2500 to 3000

5500 - 7000


Ash Contents

10% to 15%

20% to 25%

20% to 40%


Efficiency of Boiler





Cost Rs. / Kcal






8% (Max)

25% to 35%

10% to 20%


Pollution / Poisonous effluent Smoke

No Smoke No Sulphur


Sulphur. Co2 phosphorous Fumes


Wastage / Loss

8 - 10%

20% - 25%

15% - 20%

7 a.

Actual usable value Rs. Kcal After losses




7 b.


Best Value achieved per rupee spent

Medium value achiever per rupee spent

Less value achieved per rupee spent


Labour usage

Single person is enough

Require maximum persons in handling and cutting

Require two persons



Easy because of packed material

Tough require more areas

Maximum Space Required


Boiler efficiency

Normal Fly ash deposit on tubes

Require regular maintenance

High wear & tear

Different Types of Activated Carbon, We Deals in:

Activated Carbon is mainly available in three forms or shapes: Powder, Granular and Extruded. And, each form is available in many sizes. Based upon the applications and requirements, a specific form and size is recommended.